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Join Us! At one of our two locations, we meet for worship at 9:30 am at our Meddler Campus and at 11 am at our Gowen Campus every Sunday as we gather to explore the Truth of God's word and what it means to Follow Jesus in His Way in the Northern Kent and Montcalm County areas. We are committed to the great commandment and the great commission, in short we are a group of people committed to Learn Jesus way and realizing His mission for us to Love God and Love People in our community. Join Us!


You have many options when choosing a church. As you walk through our doors - our goal is: that you find people who are commited to the Way of Jesus.

We are people who have been changed by the hope of Jesus Christ and we want you to experince that hope as well. We don't claim to be perfect and we don't  expect you to be either. We are willing to be real, yet chanagable - Always asking God to work in us and through us. We are small, but growing.

Come grow with us as we strive to Love God, Love People and Live as His Family.

Current Teaching

Have you ever felt like you had nothing left to give? Or maybe that the task you have been called to is greater than the strength you have? Maybe it was something big, something difficult, something you thought you could not do? How do we respond to God and do what He is asking, when the deck is stacked against you, it is possible that you can tell God later, or even begain to run the other way. This series is about a guy who is called to preach into a very difficult time int he nation of Israel and everyone seems to be against him. He had to learn to rely on the strength God gave him in the moment, to face hard things with only God beside him. How do you trust God when you feel like giving up? If you have ever wondered questions like these than this is a great series for you! We will be discovering what it means to live the Way of Jesus when the way seems very difficult. God always calls us to something bigger than ourselves, will you respond?  We are all at different stages on our faith journey, come join the journey with us!

SUNDAY NIGHT: Being the Church

Join us Sunday night for our Study in what it means to be a missional community dedicated to reaching our community in significant ways.


This Spring we will be looking at the various ways we can engage our community with the message of Jesus in real and practical ways. What if where we lived really was our mission field and we have been called to wim our community to the Jesus way? What would we do differently? Come explore the answers with us!


Our hope is that these studies point the way to victory in your life as a follower of the Christ, as we see the kind of life transforming power that Christ is ready to pour out in our lives as well. With the result that we will be moved to grow in our trust relationship with Christ.

Missional Communities

We have smaller communities that meet at several locations and times through out the week. These smaller communites gather throughout the week to be the church and do life together.

The early church was devoted to 4 things; The Apostles Teaching, Breaking Bread, Fellowship, and Prayer. They would meet in the temple and each others homes on a daily basis. They did life together. There was no need among the church. We believe that any successful church will practice these four disciplines filled by the Holy Spirit and driven by a heart of gratitude to the One who died for us.


Join Us FRIDAY NIGHTS AT ZACH & KARINA'S next to the Church Building... as we just do life, a fire, a cook out, a swim in the pool. Just having a good time with people getting to know each other and our neighbors. So bring a friend and some brats for the grill and have a great Friday night with friends!




Join Gowen Bible Church and Orphan Outreach in serving children and families of the Day Center near the Naval Port in Liepaja, Latvia. This trip is open to 10-15 indivduals Sign up Soon!  This team will spend quality time building relationships and sharing the love of Christ through word and deed, while also ministering to the staff and local families. We will be spending 10 days in Latvia ministering to the least of these. 



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